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WHO Regional Webinar for Media Personnel

Improving Media Reporting on: Assistive Technology

July 7, 2021 at Trust Cradle, H11-A, 3rd Floor, Middle Circle, Connaught Place, New Delhi - 110 001

The countries of WHO South East Asia Region are estimated to having a population of approx. 300 Million Persons with Disabilities (PwDs). According to the latest World Disability report, there are over One Billion people with Disabilities.

Despite the burden of number of people with suboptimal functionality, due to rapid ageing of the population and increasing impact of NCDs eg- strokes, diabetes, pulmonary issues, and the PwDs in the region being massive and projected to increase; the societal awareness, scientific information, and systematic approach to mitigate its effect and improve functionality through AT are still insufficient. Further, due to low income, industrialization, education and awareness, and resource- deficiency with countries of the region, the rehabilitation efforts lagging much behind the global average diminishing the functionality of those affected.

The Media plays an important role in providing information to the citizens and help to hold the duty bearers and decision makers accountable for their actions. This has been well proven by similar efforts in the fields of road safety. As the media persons have access to both the political leadership and community at the same ease, Media advocacy is crucial for raising public awareness and influencing decision- making process, particularly in favor of those who are uneducated, poor, neglected, and facing isolation. This is in line with the goals of UHC.

Trust Cradle had developed:

  • A training package for journalists to expand their technical expertise and gain of better understanding and knowledge of the field of disability, Rehabilitation and Assistive Technology
  • Help increasing visibility and awareness of right based needs of PwDs in the region through improved media coverage.
  • Created a network of journalist championing the disability, rehabilitation and AT.

Trust Cradle had delivered:

Chapters of Training Module, well-structured Advocacy Materials and Leaflets.


Booklet 1 - Reporting Tool

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Booklet 2 - Assistive Technology (AT)

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Booklet3_Roadmap - Access to AT in SEA Region

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