Our Undertaking

Working for the millions of individuals, community, philanthropists, social activists and Non-Governmental Organisations, and policy makers, we endeavour to bring about:

  • Awareness: As a situation, awareness is a kind of state in which community becomes aware of opportunities, constraints and consequences. We undertake to make the society, social activists and NGOs aware about the policies, programmes, projects, and schemes etc of governments and international agencies, and sensitise the policy makers about the grass-root problems and issues of the society for better mutual cooperation and results among stakeholders.

  • Empowerment: As a tool, knowledge itself brings power. With rapid advancement of information technology, this dictum has become truer than ever. In order to empower community, NGOs and other stakeholders, we disseminate genuine information about policies, programmes, projects, and schemes etc of governments and international agencies for better understanding and results.

  • Inclusion: As a process, inclusion reduces the sense of alienation. By promoting inclusion, We endeavour to bring assimilation of diverse interests and to create grounds for common understanding and approach in the developmental processes. We persuade the decision makers for creation of equal opportunities for the disadvantaged in the society.

  • Optimisation: As an objective, optimisation identifies and encourages the potentials of individual, community and environment, and creates optimum opportunity for its realisation for growth and development. We bring forth the optimisation by development of attitude, knowledge and skill among the community members, social activists and NGOs.

  • Universalisation: As a goal of social work, universalization is an intervention used to encourage and restore confidence among unprivileged in society. The feeling of “being alone” or “no one understands us” prevails among them. We place their situational thoughts, experiences and challenges in to a comparative analysis with the others, and endeavour to help them grasp their feelings and experiences are common in particular circumstances. We recognise the co-existence of values, norms and traits of local culture vis-a-vis dominant culture; and dominant culture should not sway away the existence of local culture. Therefore, we facilitate the stark peculiarity of local culture as indigenous one. Trust Cradle endeavours to achieve the goal of universalisation by creating awareness, by bringing empowerment, by promoting inclusion and by facilitating optimisation.

Our Matrix


Our driving vision is to have an inclusive world where people with disabilities may be able to live a life of health, comfort, and dignity.

Matrix Chart

Trust Cradle Team

A little concern may change millions of lives forever.